Frequently Asking Questions

Is it compatible with all drones on the market?
YES, it is developed explicitly for DJI drones and many others.
I can schedule missions for any type of camera?
Yes, Uav Flight Map allows you to detect camera data from a simple click, or by manually dictating the main values (focal length and sensor size).
How can I enter data from other cameras in addition to those in the database?
On the main screen of the program you will find the options button. In the screen that appears you will have the possibility to insert a new camera with the ``Create from EXIF image`` button by importing a photo of the camera in question.
Has an integrated GPS?
It has advanced technology embedded to connect GPS RTK via Bluetooth and automatic recognition of Gps, saving the accurate position and all errors while the acquisition. It is also possible to take notes and picture of the place.
Uav flight Map works on Android and Ios Tablet?
It's currently compatible with Pc and Windows tablets. Soon it will also be available for Android and Ios.
To get the best performance from Uav Flight Map is it necessary to have Pc with particular characteristics?
No, Uav Flight Map is high performance software that does not require any special hardware configurations.
What types of missions can you plan with Uav Flight Map?
All types of missions: normal, grid, circular and vertical. With simple settings.
Can you plan missions on uneven terrain?
Yes of course! Uav Flight Map has been designed to plan missions even on non-flat terrain. It develops altimetric flight plans so that the drone can follow the course of the terrain.
Uav Flight Map is compatible with the most common flight planning apps like Litchi, Autopilot, Altizure etc?
Yes sure! It is possible to obtain different formats of the set missions and upload them to Litchi and similar apps.