Plan any type of mission on your desktop or tablet windows thanks to the powerful features of UAV Flight MAP

Integrated RTK GPS
3D Model
3D Models from SRTM 3 Google ESRI ASCII File
Level curves
Mission Planner
Missions: linear, normal, grid, vertical and circular
Drones and Camera
100% compatibility for all drones and all camera
Export missions for LITCHI, AutoPilot, PixHawk, 3D Model
Import georeferenced images
Projection sector of the coordinates in UTM
Check the photo dataset
Our best



Windows Desktop and Windows tablet platform


Working time reduction


Certainty of the photo setup, thanks to the integrated check-up


Easy and quick to use

Frequently Asking


Is it compatible with all drones on the market?
YES, it is developed explicitly for DJI drones and many others.
I can schedule missions for any type of camera?
Yes, Uav Flight Map allows you to detect camera data from a simple click, or by manually dictating the main values (focal length and sensor size).
How can I enter data from other cameras in addition to those in the database?
On the main screen of the program you will find the options button. In the screen that appears you will have the possibility to insert a new camera with the ``Create from EXIF image`` button by importing a photo of the camera in question.
Has an integrated GPS?
It has advanced technology embedded to connect GPS RTK via Bluetooth and automatic recognition of Gps, saving the accurate position and all errors while the acquisition. It is also possible to take notes and picture of the place.
Uav flight Map works on Android and Ios Tablet?
It's currently compatible with Pc and Windows tablets. Soon it will also be available for Android and Ios.

Simple and Fast!

To try UAV Flight Map is very simple, first download the trial version and install it.

Once installed running it by the icon on the desktop, you will see a dialog where you can make your free registration, and after the mail confirmation you can select from the list the trial, it will be valid for 14 days and it has full functionality except the export of the mission that is limited to few way points.

After the 14 day you can still run as demo that is limited in the export and will require a Gmap google key for the altitude position.

In any moment you can purchase the professional version and be part of our UAV Pilots squadron accessing the "prices" page on our website.

To watch the learning's video, click on the "Video Tutorial" page on the menu.

Free download

14 days trial

Uav Flight Map

Download and install in a few minutes!

Download the files below
Execute and follow
Start software and signup
Windows 7 8 10 (x64)

Latest Version: 1.4.318.382 (May 11, 2021)

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